Holden Retunes

We want to help you get the best out of your Holden.

It might be that you just want a small increase in power or you require better throttle response and fuel consumption or you are after that big power and would like 500+ kilowatts at the rear wheels. We can help you find a solution to improve that Holden.

We use VCM Suite software to reprogram the factory ecu. This allows us to reconfigure the engines fuel and ignition strategies and transmission shift points. We are also able to optimize the modifications to suit the needs of the individual vehicle and owner

Holden VE Power Pack

This is the first step to increasing the performance of your Holden and it provides a lot of ‘Bang for Buck’. There is a serious gain in power, torque and throttle response. The OEM style infill panels keeps the engine bay looking clean.

VCM Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake

Includes K&N Filter
Improved Power & Torque
OE quality & fitting

VCM Infill Panel

Fills the ugly hole left after removal of
the standard airbox

VCM Facia Panel Kit

Covers the condenser assembly and completes the OE appearance

Custom Dyno Tune & Dyno Sheet

VCM Suite tuned to your requirements

$2254 Inc GST  |  Book now >

This Power Package creates phenomenal power & torque increases. We have seen gains of 40-50kw at the rear wheels.

VT-VZ Power Pack

This is the starting point to increase power, torque and throttle response with the added bonus of fuel economy

VCM Alloy Over The Radiator Cold Air Intake

Custom Dyno Tune & Dyno Sheet

VCM Suite tuned to your requirements

$2099 Incl GST  |  Book now >

For follow on upgrades please contact us to discuss your requirements. We like to ensure that we are matching the right solution to your individual requirements.